Undead primatologists and mind-blowing mathematics

I missed going to listen to Jane Goodall talk today and I am very sad about that.  However, the reason I missed the talk was because I was suffering crippling,  vomit-inducing pain.  So it became less of a case of “I paid $25 to go to this and I’m damn well going!” and more like, “Why am I paying $25 to torture myself?”

So I came home and snuggled up with a hot water bottle and listened to one of her TED talks instead.

Also – everyone I mentioned to that I was going to this event gave me a funny look and kindly, gently, informed me that Jane Goodall is dead.  I bit back a deadpan reply about reanimated corpses and the zombie apocalypse every time, and I am very proud of myself for that.  I instead explained that they were probably confusing her with Dian Fossey.

I did visit the public library before I gave up on my plans for the day. I was excited to find a graphic novel biography of Richard Feynman, a physicist and besides which, an interesting person. I’m also reading “Euclid’s Window”. It is a very accessible and fascinating account of the history, science, and mathematics of geometry – so I feel the books complement each other well.

My other goal is to finish reading the latter book this weekend. That has not quite eventuated as planned, but at least I tidied my room.

Well, it was tidy for an hour. If I can lower my standards on what ‘tidiness’ is, then I could call it tidy now.


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